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We are a Product Development firm made up of designers, developers, and engineers located in beautiful Vancouver, WA. We work across disciplines to make the world a better place.

We are insightful designers

We are story tellers and logical thinkers. We look at every part of the process, each part being an opportunity to help our clients’ products become the best and most impactful. We work across disciplines to make the world a better place.

We are innovators

We believe our clients deserve creative partners that will push into new areas and develop products that are innovative and cutting edge. We are dedicated to the solution and with our experience across many industries, and a multi-discipline team, we can take your idea and turn it into a manufacturable product.


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After over a decade of working with large and small companies in engineering and design, Ian Peterman decided it was time to launch a development firm. Armed with the idea that everyday people have ideas, not just companies, and everyone should be treated like a multi-million dollar client, he founded the Peterman Design Firm. Now with a team of designers and engineers supporting the firm, the Peterman Design Firm provides design support to even the smallest entrepreneur. Here you’ll receive top quality care, no matter what size you are. Ian Peterman can be found managing the firm, or spending time with his family.

Founder of Peterman Firm


Our research and ideation, your idea. Together we’ll refine and define the best version of your idea. We provide market research and bring fresh ideas to the table you haven’t thought of before.

We use many tools, from sketching, to foam models, to digital 3D modeling. Our most important resources are clear communication and excellent client rapport. We design and develop your product into an aesthetically pleasing and viable design that can be prototyped and manufactured. Every product goes through an iterative development process to become manufacturable.

We maintain your design intent from concept all the way through production, and every step in between of developing your product. We source and manage prototyping and manufacturing for your product, letting you focus on your ideas.

Through our process of reviewing at every step, your vision and goals are maintained. This allows us to effectively refine and keep the product developing toward the final design. Communication is imperative to creating a successful product. When we go through a review, we make sure every input is taken in, and the best design solutions are found. Finishing edits are made to polish our work and deliver your production ready design.

Let's build the future together.

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