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Startup companies and independent inventors rely on developers to turn their dreams into actual working products. Using our Development Process, we work with our clients to take a project from a concept, through brainstorming, prototyping, engineering, and up to the point of handing it off for production.

We offer a 2-hour Concept Evaluation for $600. This one-on-one meeting is tailored to suit the needs of your project and available by phone or scheduled appointment. We typically provide “devil’s advocate” evaluation of the idea in terms of feasibility and cost, and often use some of the time for sketching and brainstorming. We also try to answer your questions regarding patents, business models, licensing, the product development process, manufacturing, etc.

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Interview with Mark Preston - 2plus3 Innovations

Mark Preston came to us in the middle of the process of bringing a new consumer product to production. We stepped in where another designer had left to finish the project. We've spent about a year working together on refining the design and getting it ready for injection mold production after working through several 3D printed prototypes we designed.


Interview with Tim Armstrong

Tim Armstrong came to us with a partially developed design, but needed to bring in an experienced designer to get the product to the next prototype stage. We worked with Tim to create a prototype design that would work as a proof of concept and technology demonstration model with fully functional electronics.


Interview with Brent Erwin

With Brent we helped him through the entire process of designing and developing a product ready for production and market. Through this process we did concept sketching, 3D CAD modeling, as well as helping to source prototype vendors. Once the prototype was approved, we also worked with him to create his in-house manufacturing set-up, including designing molds and jigs for producing the product.


Interview with Anthony Oliver from Beaux Brush

Anthony Oliver came to us with a concept and some very rough drawings and CAD concepts. We worked with Anthony to develop his initial concept into a final design that both worked functionally, and followed his desired aesthetic. The process involved a lot of back and forth, working together to create the final product, which you can see in our portfolio section as well as his website:


Interview with Mark

I chat with Mark about helping him recreate parts that he needs to restore old cars. We took broken car parts that were no longer manufactured, and created 3D printable versions that Mark has been able to use for himself and others.


Testimonial from Micah Doering - Cask Drum Craft

This was a fun project redesigning a fishing lure to be manufactured by our client. We took a previous design as a reference, then redesigned from the bottom up to be manufacturable and usable.


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