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Beaux Brush

Design for manufacturing of a residential and commercial vehicle scrubbing tool.

Scrubbing Better

We set out with the founder, Anthony Oliver, to create a better cleaning solution to just a brush, bucket, and hose, without having to build an entire building sized piece of equipment to clean vehicles. From this, the brush and soaping head was created as an innovative solution for automotive cleaning and one of the most important parts of the product. The product was developed with the idea of bringing the scrubbing power of large car wash machines, to a hand-held device that would allow someone to detail a vehicle quicker. Super soft, non-scuffing brush material, along with soap premix with water jets at the nozzle, and a telescoping handle allow quicker and better cleaning of vehicles.

Creating a product for both consumer and professional usage provided a welcome challenge for us. It had to be easy to use, but able to handle the heavy wear and tear that would happen when put into professional and constant use, day after day.

In addition to creating the working mechanisms and mechanical design, we also created renders for marketing, and all the manufacturing documentation required for production. Working with inventors is always fun, and we enjoy seeing products materialize from inventor's ideas.